Welcome to CVGN

CVGames is the passion of Kaleb Rutherford and his crew of Video Game enthusiasts who have been covering the Gaming industry since 1997. CVGames primarily caters to the Hardcore, or “core,” gamer by bringing the news, reviews, and stories that we find Unique and Interesting. Stories take place in a variety of forms including Audio and Written.

With a smaller team, we put our focus on delivering things we are passionate about and find Unique and Interesting. When you read, listen, or view content from us, you know it will come from the heart.

Parents Press Play & Friends
Started in 2013 by Kaleb Rutherford, Parents Press Play is a weekly podcast that covers Unique and Interesting Topics in the world of Gaming, Entertainment, and Technology for people of all ages.

Far too often, the journalists, bloggers, and enthusiasts that cover Videogames, Entertainment, and Technology focusses only on the hardcore, or “core” fans. This leaves out a huge audience that are looking for information as well. At Parents Press Play & Friends, we seek to fill that void by covering the industry no matter if you are 4, 94, or any age between.

While we could cover each and every topic out there, we put our emphasis on things we are passionate about–the Unique and Interesting.

A bit about how all of this started…
I was a child and my mother forced me to write about things each and every week during my studies in a series of letters called “Dear Mom.” I was homeschooled for most of my childhood in an era where that was not a popular way to teach your children. I can recall being frustrated because I didn’t know how to express myself via the written word. As the years went by, those early lessons my mom provided me were more beneficial than I could ever have imagined.

My life as a gamer began on the Commodore 64 and I have many memories of searching store shelves, like in Target, for some hidden treasure alongside my father. We would spend time together playing games and bonding. While he would ultimately give up on the hobby, the passion for games grew as I finally got a NES, Game Boy, SNES, Atari Lynx, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, and the list could go on forever and ever.

I took the lessons my mother taught me many years prior, in the “Dear Mom” letters and started reviewing games back during the Nintendo 64 era. I still have vivid memories of writing my first review of Super Mario 64. This passion for telling others about these games led me to start CVGames.

Over the years, CVGames has gone through many transformations as technologies have come and evolved the way we connect to our audiences. I have learned and grown with these changes.

As I was married and started having kids, I realized that our industry, and those surrounding Entertainment and Technology, didn’t really notice anyone that wasn’t a “core” fan. In 2013, I started Parents Press Play as a weekly Podcast. Through PPP, I was able to reach a new audience of people by providing them Unique and Interesting stories that didn’t focus on a specific segment of the market but anyone from ages 4 to 94.

Covering any type of industry for a long period of time can make one jaded, at times. There have been times, in the past, I struggled with this and so did my staff. Faced with a choice of moving on or sticking with these brands, we rekindled our love for all things involving gaming, entertainment, and technology with our renewed focus on the Unique and Interesting. You can be confident that what you see, read, or hear at both CVGames and Parents Press Play comes from a deep passion. We genuinely love to Publish all things we find Unique and Interesting and hope you become just as passionate as we are about these topics.

Thanks for being part of our journey and we look forward to serving you, our audience, at both CVGames and Parents Press Play on the Covering Video Games Network!